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Successful Migration to the new Framework

This is an update to last month’s roadmap announcement. We have successful reworked all our Windows applications codes to support the new framework. Externally, the applications should function as before as most of the work involved are internal.

Some of the changes include code optimization to support the new framework, rewriting of the entire XML and Registry sub-systems and other code optimization. At first run in the new update, the applications would quietly migrate the settings to the new registry framework.

Rewriting the Registry and XML sub-systems frees us from the 3rd party modules and in turn would provide us with more flexibility in future updates. We would be introducing new features to the applications within the next two years.

AutoBatch It v3.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of AutoBatch It v3.0. This is a major version upgrade from v2.0.

AutoBatch It is native command line module which can extend your workflow, application or server by providing it with our signature batch image processing capabilities. It lets you resize, convert and enhance JPG, BMP, PNG and Single Page TIFF images with ease. Using the built-in templating system, you can use the provided Configuration Module to set up all the settings to be used for each of your different runs and then tag the template files to the command line module. In this way, you would not need to type long strings of settings for each run, thus minimizing the possibilities of errors. The template files can be distributed and be reused on different systems to ensure that the same settings are used.

In this update, the entire codes have been rewritten from bottom up to support the latest and greatest Windows Operating Systems. The prior version 2.x supports only the 32 Bit Operating System and beginning with v3.0, AutoBatch It now contains native 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions of the command line and configuration module.

Distributed as two distinct installers, the 32 Bit version contains all 32 Bit Configuration Module and Command Line while the 64 Bit version comes with a 64 Bit Configuration Module and both the 64 Bit and 32 Bit Command Line module to use as and where suitable.

In this new update, we revamped the licensing system so that you would not get the nagging pop-ups when testing the trial version. The underlining module has been optimized so that it is much faster than before.

AutoBatch It comes with three different license to suit the different needs,

  • Commercial License ($49.95)
    – This license is suitable for standalone usage by a single person to support the task of that person.
  • WebSite License ($150)
    – This license is suitable when extending the batch image processing feature to a website or an in-house corporate server. This typically will run without physical intervention to support more than one party.
  • Unlimited Deployment License ($1599)
    – This license lets you deploy and install the application on as many computers/servers within a physical location either for individual or server usage.

For more information, check out our description page at AutoBatch It 3 Page



How to Resize Your Photos for your Website

One of the most common task performed by our Batch Imaging Application is the process of Downsizing Photos. Today’s digital camera can take pictures of tens of mega pixels which is great for viewing on the local computer and for printing as it contains a lot of minute details. However, these pictures are huge especially if you want them to be placed on your website or even to send over email.

In this tutorial, we will explore the Downsize by Pixels resizing method which will resize a picture down to a much smaller dimension. A pixel represents a single dot on the screen and the size of the pixel can vary from display to display. Modern phones and high definition displays can packed in more dots per inch than ever before. However, we use Pixels as that is the parameters uses in digital photography.

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Replacing Text within Filenames using Filename Changer

This is the second part to the Filename Changer Tutorial. Today we will dive deeper into the Smart Replace feature within Filename Changer. This feature is available with JBatch It, Batch It, Batch It Pro and Batch It Ultra.

What Smart Replace does is to allow you to replace specific text within your filename with another. Let’s consider this example, I have a named “combotiffcontrolcenter.png” and wanted to rename it to “batchitcontrolcenter.png”, I can utilize the Smart Replace feature to do it.

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How to Rename Your Photos in a Single Step ?

Digital Photos fresh out of a digital camera, mobile phone or a scanner will inevitable come with rather cryptic filenames which is not easily apparent as to what the photos are about. We would invariably have to spend hours to rename them, at least that’s how it was done in the past. One of the core features of our batch image processors is the ability to batch rename the photos to something which is more apparent to you.

In this little tutorial, we will explore two commonly used methods of file renaming which can be done with any of our batch image processors. They are to tag a Prefix and/or a Suffix to an existing filename and to rename the filenames using a running number.

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Batch It Pro v5.30 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Batch It Pro v5.30. This is a bug fix update. Batch It Pro v5.30 fixes a bug which causes the Resizing Method to switch to “By Frame” when the Crop dimensions are set visually and it fixes issue where the width and height settings for the crop is not respected.

Batch It Pro v5.30 can be download from our website at

Using Resizing Options in our Batch Image Processors

One of the most used features in our Batch Image Processors is the Batch Resizing function and instead of providing you one way to resize an image, we provide you with more than 4 ways to do it on our Mac application and more than 6 ways on our Windows applications.

CM Batch Photo Processors Resizing Options
CM Batch Photo Processors offers you numerous ways to resize your photos

Resizing Options from CM Batch Photo Processor (Mac)

Batch It Resizing Options
Our Jbatch It, Batch It, Batch It Pro, iRedSoft Image Resizer offers you with more than 6 ways to resize your images.

Resizing Option from JBatch It (Windows)

As Batch Image Resizing is one of the core features of our applications, we include as many ways as possible to perform your task. There isn’t one method which will fit all needs so we cannot definitively say which method should be used. However, a little in-depth explanation of each option may help demystify the choices available.

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Maintaining Multiple Configurations for Multiple Usages

Most of our applications offers you with a wide variety of setting options to cater to different needs. If you need to apply the same settings day in and day out, it would work fine as it is. However, when you need to deal with multiple clients which has different needs and preferences or even performing different task, it can be cumbersome to have to make all these changes over and over again.

This issue of allowing you as a user to use multiple configurations and having to switch between them with ease was one of the fundamental strength of our batch imaging, tiff and pdf solutions for the Windows platform. To solve this issue, we implemented the concept of Settings Profile early in our product life cycle.

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