Changing Photos EXIF and File Dates

Changing file dates ? Do it with ease.

Ever so often, we would need to replace the batteries in the digital cameras either during photo shoots or when we replace fresh batteries right before a photo outing. There is where we may face the issue of camera time. Unless the camera has internet connectivity and syncs the date time with time server, it is something we need to do manually. It can get complicated at times and it’s possible to get the date set wrongly, I have so many times. That’s where Batch JPEG Date Changer for Windows and CM Batch JPEG Date Changer for Mac comes to the rescue.

This tutorial works the same for both applications.


Unlike most file date changers, Batch JPEG Date Changer comes with the Variable Date Change feature which lets you apply date maths to adjust the file dates. This may seems like a simple solution but there is a lot of complexity behind the whole process. But thankfully, you do not need to worry about that.

The Date Changer settings to apply static and variable date change. Changing Dates is a simple task

The applications come with both Fixed Date Change Settings and Variable Date Change Settings. The former let’s you change to a fix date and/or time and the later, let’s you adjust it based on the date maths.

Let’s look at several common scenarios here.

Changing the Photo’s Year

This is a common situation especially during the new year changeover which can be remedied using the Fixed Date Change Settings especially if all the photos are from the same day.

changing all dates to a specific date Using the Fixed Date Settings in Batch JPEG Date Changer

In this instance, what you can do is to use the Fixed Date Change Settings, change all the three dates (Creation Date, Modification Date and EXIF Date) to the date you want and click on the ‘Update All on List’ button. The new date will be reflected on the list. The Change … Date checkbox would need to be checked for the changes to be reflected. The application is intelligent enough to have that checked when the date is change. Leave the Time settings unchecked if you want the original time to be used.

Changing the Photo’s Hour from AM to PM

This is yet another common instance particularly when it gets confusing with the military timing or when we are just to quick to set the time. Between the AM and PM is 12 hours. So for instance, if we wanted all the sets which are current set as AM to PM timing like 6am to 6pm, we need to tag 12 hours to the time.

Changing the Time from AM to PM is easy with Date Changer

In this case, we will use the Variable Date Change Settings option. On the first drop down which has the option “Do Nothing”, change that to “Add”. Set the Hour drop menu to 12. Click the Apply to Creation Date, Apply to Modification Date and Apply to EXIF Date and click Update All on List.

The Variable Date Change option is particularly useful when setting time which is near the day switch over, ie midnight. If say the dates are 10pm and you have it add 12 hours to it, it will switch to 10am the following day. Neat right ?

Of course, subtracting time is equally simple as all you need is to change the first column to “Subtract”.


Synchronising all the Dates to one Date

Say you have the Creation Date correct but you want all the files and exif dates to match that on the Creation Date. It’s easily done with the Set All to .. buttons at the bottom of the application.

Change all dates to a specific date

In this case, all you need to do is to click the “Set All to Creation Date/Time” and the date and time will reflect that on the list.

Note about Batch JPEG Date Changer and CM Batch JPEG Date Changer

The applications do not immediately change the dates once you set them. We made the application this way so that you can preview the new dates on the File Listing before committing them to the photos. So change all you want until you are satisfied. If you want the dates to revert back to the original, click the “Revert All”.

You can apply the combination of the Fixed Date Change and the Variable Date Change settings.

Once you are satisfied, click on the “Change Now” button and let it do it’s magic.